Welcome to Voices Restored

Voices Restored originated in 2009 as a California Association of Laryngectomees project to provide rehabilitation services to those that had lost their voice due to cancer. Our primary focus was and is  to provide donated electro larynxes to third world countries along with the education and training required to use one, and how to teach the use.
Costa Rica was selected as our initial effort because they have a great medical system which unfortunately did not provide free speech aids or rehabilitation. Plus it is a small country that we hoped to use as an example of what can be done with the proper resources. We conducted two 5 day speech clinics for laryngectomees, speech pathologists, nurses, and students,  and every known laryngectomee in Costa Rica received a new voice…. something one man waited nine years for.
To date we have made donations of over $100,000 in speech aids, medical equipment, and supplies to Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Haiti, Armenia, Philippines, and Viet Nam. Our goal is to not only  continue this effort but expand the scope to assist all that we can. Not only just speech aids but education through conferences, social media, and public service announcements.
Most of my efforts were reduced in 2013 due to lung cancer and other health issues but I am now ready to renew and expand this program. Any and all assistance would be appreciated.



1 Response to Welcome to Voices Restored

  1. Frank C. Wells says:

    Thanks for establishing this website & helping people in Costa Rica.


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