Sounds Of Silence

The Sounds of Silence
by Jack Henslee

 An ominous cancer raged within the darkness.
Yesterdays sun that caressed and nurtured life
Was but a distant memory lost.
A storm of despair and fear was conceived in fury
As I prepared for the sounds of silence.

The lightning struck as a surgeons knife.
Destruction was swift and final
To flesh, and dreams of future life.
Thoughts of rising from the pain and fear
Were thunderous sounds of

The terror of death subsided in the eye,
Replaced with self pity and surrender.
An exodus of pride and dreams
Bred malignant tumors of apathy in the mind,
As I accepted the sounds of silence.

It was easy to forsake confidence
Then slip into the shadows of the tempest.
Yesterdays dreams became thoughts of failure
As lost ambition poisoned the mind and soul.
Despair and pain were born from the sounds of silence.

 The light struggled through slowly at first,
Just enough to reflect some silver in the clouds.
As rays of hope melted the indifference
Particles of esteem and self worth fused together,
Like a laser attacking the sounds of silence.  

A vibrant rainbow embraced the passing storm.
Powered by the music of children’s laughter,
Supported by love, faith and encouragement.
It lights the gateway to the impossible dream,
A challenge is issued to the sounds of silence.  

Dawn brings a new day, a new life,
Like ivory swans rising on thermals of promise.
Successes path will be lined with failures thorns,
But roses will blossom every few miles.
Victory is certain over the sounds of silence.

Today is a kaleidoscope of love and life,
illed with opportunity and rewards of endless vision.
I no longer cringe and hide from the pain of silence,
The quest for speech once lost is fulfilled.
Only a distant memory remains of the sounds of silence.