The primary purpose of Voices Restored is to provide speech aids and education to the underprivileged, and advocate on their behalf. There are currently less than 20 states in the USA that provide speech aids and some of those programs have income limitations. In Latin America there is almost no assistance provided and few speech language pathologist to teach alaryngeal speech.

In the past we have provided used/donated speech aids to mostly 3rd world countries  but those donations have diminished for various reasons to include the fact that “others” have thankfully stepped up with their own used programs in the United States. The obvious but expensive solution is to purchase new low cost speech aids and of course provide the training to use them. 

At this time our priorities are:

  1. Increase our assistance to Latin America while still serving others with a great need.
  2. Provide awareness and advocacy  via social media and videos.
  3. Conduct or help sponsor the first of many bi-lingual laryngectomee conferences in the USA.
  4. Provide support and  assistance to other laryngectomee organizations as resources allow.

Any support you  would be gratefully appreciated.
No Donation Is Too Small!