Songs Waiting To Be Sung

Songs Waiting To Be Sung

by Jack Henslee

Like the endless tide they arrive,
Survivors of a cruel devastating disease,
Victims of despair and uncertainty.
Hearts once filled with joy
Quiver at thoughts of tomorrow.
Yesterday was an endless delight,
Today… a nightmare of doubt
Fueled by fear of the unknown.
Each heart beats a steady rhythm,
Searching for a song, that’s waiting to be sung.

 They march to some distant tune,
Heard by many as sorrowful blues.
Crusaders lead marches with blaring bugles,
To fight a gallant battle
Against the destruction of flesh and spirit.
Others write verse, embracing life’s dream,
While some wait for the inevitable, whatever it is.
Each story has a familiar tune,
But the melody is seldom the same.
So many songs, waiting to be sung.

 The horizon frames a vivid red sun
So deceiving without time and direction.
Does it rise with the promise of tomorrow,
Or linger with the light of yesterday’s dream ?
Drifting clouds mask its features,
Gently pushed by winds of uncertainty.
Soft shadows float slowly by
Like gentle lullabies caressing the soul….
Or the dark silent rage before the storm.
Inside each of us is a song, waiting to be sung.

 Across the land they unite in support,
Resurrecting the music of life.
Joyous chords explode in a crescendo
As shadows are blasted by trumpets
Announcing tomorrow’s promise
A symphony of glorious sound
Is orchestrated by victorious dancers
Rising from the ashes of silence.
Listen to the verses, feel the rhythm,
Life is a song, waiting to be sung…