You Were There

Yesterday is a vivid image of despair
Transformed to a brilliant prism
Reflecting the warmth of your love.
The void of solitude, imagined or real,
Was gently filled by your presence.
Sweet dreams soothed the fears
And imagined terrors never happened,
Because you were there.

The quest for tomorrow, however uncertain,
Began with an assault on doubt.
The path was steep, with little support
For someone that seemed all alone.
Destiny’s journey slowly weaves
Through shadows that mask the unknown.
Many times I slipped, but I never failed,
Because you were there.

Today is different from what was,
Or might have been.
Selfish ambitions, once so natural,
Diminish each day, no longer of value.
You gave me strength to face the challenge,
Becoming forever my best friend.
Each day is cherished, full of life,
Because you were there.